Effective Waste Logistics Management for the Construction Industry in London

Effective Waste Logistics Management for the Construction Industry in London

Effective Waste Logistics Management for the Construction Industry in London

Our great capital is in such high demand that traffic, and a shortage of space have become two of the biggest problems facing Londoners in recent years.

It’s not only the inhabitants who are feeling the squeeze and congestion though, it’s businesses too, and in this article we are going to look specifically at the construction industry in London, and the problems it faces in trying to build within this city.


Why do waste logistics affect the construction industry in London?

Skyscrapers, shopping centres, residential units and more are popping up all over London. When an old building becomes derelict or uninhabitable, it’s quickly torn down, and almost just as quickly, a new one springs up. Look at the London skyline and you’ll see cranes, look on the streets and you’ll see construction vehicles, skips and ‘work in progress’ signs.

Such is the construction industry in London booming right now, that the need for effective waste logistics management is greater than ever. Sites that build up too much waste without having it collected and taken away will suffer from site issues, such as space, health & safety, and vehicle access.

With large sites creating a huge amount of construction waste, like rubble, debris and hardcore, it’s vital that an intelligent collection and delivery system is put in place for the numerous vehicles that are coming and going.


How does Enviro Waste solve the issue?

We sat down with construction companies all around London and asked them what they would demand from an elite environmental services or waste management provider for their active sites in London. We built our service around this, meaning that we offer:

  • Material breakdown reports, allowing our partners to see what they are throwing away, and where it is going to
  • Co2 emission explanations, showing how different wastes, combined with the vehicle emissions, affect their footprint
  • Recycling statistics, so that construction sites can report back to stakeholders about their waste management performance


As well as this data, we offer:

  • An intelligent delivery and collection service, enabling us to deliver construction materials at the same time we collect and remove waste
  • A bespoke account management service for customers of all sizes
  • Years of industry expertise and partnerships with multinational construction firms
  • A site close to central London, in Leyton, allowing for a more rapid service than most of our competitors


How do we support the construction industry in London?

By meeting the needs of our customers we provide a service, but by going above and beyond and lightening their load, we become an expert solution. Over the last few years, we have worked with some of the biggest multinational construction companies in the world, and assisted in the waste management logistics on some of London’s most iconic skyscrapers projects.


We can’t get rid of traffic, but we can use intelligent routing systems to minimise the time sat in it.

We can’t make London bigger, but we can help maximise your space by minimising the waste.

We can’t help everybody, but if you’re a business in the construction industry in London, we can help you.

Give us a call today.