Notting Hill Carnival: What Happens To The Waste?

Notting Hill Carnival: What Happens To The Waste?

Notting Hill Carnival: What Happens To The Waste?

Notting Hill Carnival is the largest street festival in Europe, more than two million partygoers will descend on the streets of Notting Hill to mark the occasion. Over five million drinks will be consumed and a staggering 25,000 bottles of rum will be used. There are also more than 300 food stalls that together will sell more than one ton of rice and peas. However what happens after the party stops? What happens to all the leftover waste?

With this many people in one place all having a good time, Notting Hill carnival generates a huge amount of waste. In 2015 nearly 300 tonnes of waste was collected after the carnival had ended. With more attendees then Glastonbury and being in the heart of London the clean up operation has to run like a well-oiled machine.

The Clean Up


Within minutes of the carnival ending and revellers beginning to drift home 170 waste operatives assisted by 60 machines will begin to clear the streets.  They will work throughout the night to ensure the streets of London are clear for the Tuesday morning commuters. The priorities are ensuring that bus routes are clutter free and that traders can begin setting up in the markets on Portobello Road and Golborne Road.

By midday on Tuesday all the litter needs to be cleared from the carnival area and by Thursday the whole area should be restored to the standards laid out in the Environmental Protection Act. Mechanical sweepers will be deployed to clear the gutters and high-pressure jets will be used to clean pavements of stains.  Street cleaners will also work to remove excess grease and oil stains from the area as quickly as possible.

In the last few years the waste from Notting Hill Carnival didn’t end up in landfill, instead it is being used to supply London with green energy. The 200 tonnes of waste collected last year generated around 97,200 kWh of electricity. This is enough to power 80,000 hot showers. It led to a saving of 54 tonnes of carbon emissions. Similar procedures will be in place this year but it is expected that even more energy can be generated from this years waste.

Did you enjoy Notting Hill Carnival let us know what you got up to? If you’re struggling to get rid of the waste from your party our easy collection service can pick up the excess waste from your home at a time that is convenient for you.