Menu: Commercial Waste Services in London

Menu: Commercial Waste Services in London

Menu: Commercial Waste Services in London

Commercial Waste Services in London Menu

Welcome to the Enviro Waste Menu for our Commercial Waste Services in London.

Many business owners in this region believe that they need to work with five different services to solve five different issues, but here at Enviro Waste, we believe that having one duteous account manager is really the solution you need. We’ve spent years creating a menu of services for our commercial partners that not only meet their various needs but also meets them in a sustainable way, with the environment firmly in mind.

Our findings are conclusive – businesses who put the environment first and act responsibly will win new customers, feel better about the work they are doing and will get more buy-in for their mission statement.

Have a read of our menu below and see what takes your fancy.


Waste & Rubbish Clearance

Our flexible waste removal services are tailored to your needs, and we’ve designed our pricing so that you only pay for the space that you require. You can see here how much space you will need, and once you’ve decided, our account manager will be waiting for your call.

We include the cost of labour, so you don’t have to worry about huge hourly charges, plus, as well as taking your waste for recycling, reuse, and responsible disposal, we will sweep up your collection site so you can start making use of the space immediately.

There are some extra considerations regarding going over your allocated time, plus the disposal of hazardous materials, which you can see here, as well as an FAQ for our commercial waste services in London.


Confidential Document Destruction & Disposal

For paper documents, a trustworthy and confidential document destruction and disposal service is often a must, due to the sensitive nature of your business. We are fully compliant, understanding and experienced in these operations, offering maximum security to you and your clients.

If security is not the issue, but mass is (perhaps you’re going paperless and you have a large history of files to get rid of), we are extremely supportive of these eco-friendly activities and can support you in getting rid of all that redundant paper safely and professionally.

With GDPR changes, the legal responsibilities for handling sensitive documents and their data will change accordingly. If you don’t dispose of your data in the appropriate way, you may be breaking the law and could face a fine. We don’t want that to happen to you, so we are aware of what must be done to protect our valued customers.

As part of our commercial waste services in London, we offer a prompt, efficient and uniformed team of document disposal experts, who are fully trained and DBS checked for added measure. Not only do we securely shred and destroy the data, we make sure it’s recycled too.

For all of the finer details, see this page.

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Data Destruction & Hard Drive Shredding

On the theme of data, we move on from paper to more technology-based storage measures, which includes:

  • Hard drives
  • Data storage devices
  • Servers
  • Backup devices
  • CD’s, DVD’s and Blu-Ray discs
  • Compliant decommissioning


Our professional data destruction service applies a tool called Blancco, which you can read about here in this article we wrote. There are many ways to destroy sensitive data, such as shredding, wiping, incinerating and drilling through hard drives, but none are as effective as Blancco.

The sustainability-minded business owner will always choose Blancco, because it presents the opportunity to reuse the electronics after they have been wiped, meaning that they can be sold, or reintroduced to your departments. Since electronic waste is one of the fastest growing wastes in the world, this is an excellent and responsible option.

There are some more important considerations that you can read about here.

Hazardous Waste Disposal

All commercial waste services providers in London should be prepared to remove hazardous waste, but customers have to be extra prepared when hiring someone to do this job, as it presents the greatest risks to human life and the environment.

Making sure your hazardous waste removal company is licensed, compliant and will ensure that the waste is disposed of responsibly is absolutely paramount. Working with Enviro Waste gives you an ironclad guarantee that others may not.


What is considered hazardous waste?


What happens to hazardous waste?

You can read about hazardous waste here in this popular article we wrote, but generally, it gets recycled or reused, one way or another. Disposal or incineration is always the last resort for us.

Part One – Fluorescent Tubes and Batteries

Part Two – Paint, Oils and Toner Cartridges

Part Three – Chemicals and Old TV Sets

Prices for hazardous waste removal starts at £90+VAT. Learn more here.

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Office Clearances

As London’s most environmentally friendly waste clearance company, we are glad to extend our services to businesses and offices who need some expert help. We are very popular with facilities management companies and landlords for regular clearances, and for one-off clearances, we are among London’s most popular options.

We can organise a clearance at short notice, providing you with labourers who will remove all office equipment, like furniture, electronics, general waste and documents and will handle them responsibly. We offer a secure destruction service for paper and electronic data storage devices, and we will reuse and rehome any useful furniture that you don’t want. Even our own offices are furnished with reuse assets! Everything else will be recycled or reused as much as possible, in fact, our landfill diversion rate is more than 92% for office clearances.

Read: This interview about our work supporting The Office Group 


How are we so good at office clearances?

We also operate a waste treatment facility, where general waste materials such as plastic, paper, cardboard, metal, wood, hazardous waste and hard-core are separated, stored and shipped to specialist recycling facilities.

As well as this, we have a waste reuse centre where we drop our electronic equipment and furniture to be repaired or refurbished, and we donate a lot of items that can be re-used to charity. We work closely with The British Heart Foundation and housing associations, and for every clearance we do, we donate to The Woodland Trusts’ woodland creation program.

Consistently positive testimonials and Trust Pilot reviews show that we are an excellent choice for office clearances in London.


WEEE Recycling & IT Disposal

WEEE recycling and IT disposal have become core components of our environmental services, with hundreds of commercial customers around London leaving us positive reviews and testimonials.

Some of the most important considerations regarding electronic waste are the guidelines, legislation, rules and laws that surround it. We’ve become experts in compliance, and helping our customers to become compliant too.

With little notice, our trucks and team will show up to clear your electronic equipment with no fuss, before taking it to our specialist WEEE treatment facility. This includes recycling, reuse and refurbishment for all of the following:

  • Computer recycling & disposal
  • Server & Network equipment recycling
  • TV/Monitor recycling & disposal
  • Sensitive data wiping or destruction
  • Laptop and printer recycling & disposal
  • White goods recycling

Everything you need to know about WEEE can be found in this free guide we made – no download required!

Read this recent thought piece about the throwaway culture, refurbished tech and designed obsoletion.


White goods recycling

Looking for a reliable and eco-friendly white goods disposal service in London? Look no further, Enviro Waste have you covered.

White goods will be transported to our WEEE treatment facilities where we will assess if they can be refurbished or repaired for reuse, or whether they require a sustainable disposal method that includes component recycling.

We offer a hassle-free experience for the removal of your washing machines, fridges, freezers and dishwashers. So, whether you’re doing up the kitchen at your business premises, or are simply looking to upgrade to some newer units, we have a service that takes care of you and your unwanted white goods.

Find out more about our white goods recycling here:


Specialist commercial clearances

Are you looking to clear a hotel, warehouse or shop? We approach these cases a little differently, giving you a bespoke experience.

For hotels, we know that hundreds and thousands of guests coming through your doors puts aesthetics as one of your most important priorities, which means having a responsible waste clearance contract is an absolute must. Having a dependable solution that improves your environmental performance will help you to attract guests in the long run.

Warehouse clearances are no small feat – they require a serious team of professionals to get the job done. We clear warehouses throughout the London area with a cost-effective service that gets the job done quickly, efficiently and on time without fuss, hassle or distraction from your daily operations. Let’s get that clutter out so you can focus on important operations.

For our shop waste clearance service, we have learned to be versatile and adaptable. Often there are real-time constraints on your waste removal task, and whether your loading bay is on one of the slimmest streets in the capital, or your waste is overflowing, we can take care of your needs in a timely and efficient manner. Put the environment first with your shop clearance by using Enviro Waste.

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