How to Shred a Hard Drive, Without Shredding a Hard Drive!

How to Shred a Hard Drive, Without Shredding a Hard Drive!

How to Shred a Hard Drive, Without Shredding a Hard Drive!

Here at Enviro Waste, our mission has always been to take waste and make something positive from it. Whether that is recycling, reuse, upcycling, donations or deriving energy, we do everything we can to make sure that the landfill is a dastardly last resort.

Hard drives have so much reuse potential, but due to the often sensitive and confidential nature of their contents, they have to be permanently destroyed for protection purposes, and in accordance with UK & European legislation…

Or do they? Our environmental curiosity discovered the truth

We teamed up with Blancco, an incredibly innovative software that offers the best data wiping procedure on the market today. There are so many benefits to taking the data erasure journey as opposed to shredding. Instead of destroying the device, let’s properly wipe the data and make your hard drive reusable. When Blancco wipes, it stays wiped, so you won’t have to sweat about being the main character in a data theft horror story!

Once wiped, it can be reused, meaning that the carbon emissions and environmental burden of your data storing activities are heavily reduced, allowing you to get on with important work in an ecological and satisfying way.


Interesting facts about Blancco and data wiping

  • Blancco complies with all EU regulations
  • It can wipe data to 20 different international standards
  • It is used by government agencies and defence departments globally
  • It is recommended by the US Ministry of Defence and the UK National Cyber Security Centre


Danger on the trail

If your hard drives do contain sensitive data, you don’t want them being passed along a long chain of handlers, like the IT guy who will destroy it, the logistics company who transports it and whoever you handed it to when you let it go on its journey to impending doom.

The environmental danger is all too real as well. By allowing your hard drives to be reused after a Blancco wipe, you’re sparing a considerable amount of non-biodegradable and toxic materials from entering the Earth or incinerators.


How do we protect information in the long run?

Policy, policy, policy. Quite often, those who lose sensitive data or fall prone to incomplete data wipes are those who do not have a secure and professional data erasure policy in place. The absolute worst thing we experience is a complacency towards data wiping, especially for businesses who handle private information.

Fortunately, the EU General Data Protection Regulations will hold most businesses accountable for the treatment of the data and information they store, making them legally responsible and obliged to comply.


Looking for a comprehensive upgrade on traditional hard drive shredding?

Time is running out, so to ensure your GDPR and environmental compliance can both be secured, look no further than Enviro Waste and the use of Blancco to help protect you, your business and the environment.