Have a Generous Christmas and a Happy Holidays

Have a Generous Christmas and a Happy Holidays

Have a Generous Christmas and a Happy Holidays

For many of us, Christmas is a time to celebrate, to be with family and friends and enjoy the holidays.  We have family gatherings, enjoy Christmas lunch and a party or two along the way.  But not everyone has someone to spend time with at Christmas or even somewhere to go.  That’s why it is important to be generous at Christmas.

Leading by example

Here at Enviro Waste, we want to lead by example and put measures in place to give back to the community, especially at this time of year.  Back in 2012, we set up the Enviro Fund with the aim of becoming more environmentally conscious and to start helping our community.

This year we got involved with Central Southwark Community Hub.  It is a charity that works with homeless and poor people.  For every job we do, we donate £0.15 and this week our CEO James Rubin bought and delivered some food. In the office, we had a whip-around and donated the money collected to the charity. The growing problem of people without enough to eat is an issue always, and with the dropping temperatures, it becomes even more of a concern.  So, we wanted to do our bit to try and help.

How we can all help

There are many ways to act generously at Christmas time, to help others. Donating food is a great way that we can all help – when we go shopping just add a couple of tins to the basket and give them to your local homeless charity or food bank.  The extra cost on your bill will be next to nothing, but if everyone did this, think of the impact it would make.

Lots of us have a clear out before Christmas, aware that presents will need a home to go to.  Rather than just throwing it all away, get in touch with local charities and recycling companies to see if they can take any of the items and put them to good use.  We often find things that can be salvaged and handed to charities and other organisations to make use of them, opposed to filling up landfill sites.

The little things

Generosity isn’t just about giving something away – sometimes it can mean being generous with your time.  Visit seniors in your neighbourhood who are alone at Christmas and spend a little time with them – it will make their day and yours too.  On Christmas Day, make a quick phone call to anyone you know who is alone and wish them Merry Christmas.  Spread the seasonal cheer, and we can all have a happy holiday!

(Above Image –  Our CEO James Rubin with Central Southwark Community Hub Manger Felicia Boshorin donating some food.)