The Benefits of Reuse to Commercial and Domestic Customers

The Benefits of Reuse to Commercial and Domestic Customers

The Benefits of Reuse to Commercial and Domestic Customers

In the world of reuse, a chair is most useful when it is a chair.

It’s important to remember this when you go to throw something useful in the bin, or in a skip. Once that chair goes in the skip, what might happen to it afterward is a world of possibility – but none of these possibilities are as useful to the environment as simply finding someone new to sit on the chair.

If that analogy made sense to you, and you agree with the sentiment, keep reading, because this article is going to appeal to you.


Larger organisations

Fortunately, education about the waste hierarchy, in the form of the ‘Reduce, Reuse, Recycle’ campaign, means that most people try and reuse and recycle when they can. In large organisations, our experience is that the environment officer, waste manager or sustainability coordinator have usually spotted and addressed opportunities for reuse already.


In smaller organisations, not knowing what to do with items is one hurdle, and another is space for storage. At Enviro Waste, we prioritise the reuse of valuable assets in the waste stream and will always look for routes that avoid landfill. For small and medium-sized businesses, partnering with an organisation that already has connections and partnerships with other small businesses, charities, and not-for-profits, meaning that we can rehome assets quite easily, leaving you to enjoy the feeling and benefits of increased sustainability.


Quality in abundance

We managed to furnish our new offices with assets collected from a local office decommission, and with the surplus items, we found new homes through charities in our area. We know that for commercial clients, having a partner they can trust to handle reuse for them is becoming increasingly important, especially for full office clear outs and building decommissions.


The circular economy may just be a buzzword to some, but it’s a founding ethic for us here at Enviro Waste and something that our waste operatives have at the front of their minds during clearances. The phones we call on, the chairs we sit on and the desks we put our coffees on are all reused, as are the mugs.


Proving the quality of second-hand items

There’s a lot of noise about reuse that it’s simply junk being passed from one entity to another, but this couldn’t be further from the truth. The reality is that many businesses want to sell or donate, but they don’t have an outlet for their assets, and when they do approach local second-hand furniture dealers, they don’t have space – the feeling being that most people want to purchase new items now.


The oversupply of second-hand items is both a gift and a burden. The positive aspect is there are second-hand bargains and freebies to be had, and quality stuff too – the downside is that many of these items will not make it to the reuse centres because they are overstocked.


Working with Enviro Waste gives a better chance that your items will be reused

We are landfill diversion specialists, as that is the core ethos of our business. The support we show for the circular economy in our activities is reflected by our effective reuse partnerships, high recycling rates, and almost total avoidance of landfill. We give back to our community, and we work tirelessly to provide solutions, even where others think no solution exists.


Call us today, our creativity can be the key to solving your waste needs.